Connect to Office 365 Mail on iOS platform

Connect to Office 365 Mail on iOS platform

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Applies to

Students, Staff and Alumni (Opted-in @Link for Alumni)

Prerequisite (for Students and Staff)

For Students and Staff, you must have your account enrolled to 2-factor authentication (2FA) in order to access University email.  If you haven't done so, please visit the following links.

Enrollment Portal: 

Enrollment Guide:



  1. Download Microsoft Outlook from App Store.
        從 App Store 下載 Microsoft Outlook


  2. Open Outlook, please enter your CUHK email address when prompted and then tap Add Account.
        請打開 Outlook,按照畫面提示輸入你的大學電郵地址然後,點選 Add Account


  3. Tap Office 365 if prompted to select email provider. Then enter your email address again.
        如需選擇服務提供者,點選 Office 365。然後,再次輸入你的大學電郵地址


  4. In CUHK LOGIN screen, enter your OnePass password.
        在 CUHK LOGIN 畫面,請輸入你的 OnePass 密碼

  5. (For Students and Staff only) Verify your identity using 2FA: click Send Me a Push and respond to the DUO push message from your mobile phone.
        (只適用於學生和教職員)以雙重認証核實你的身份:點選 Send Me a Push,然後於你的手機回應 DUO 雙重認證訊息


  6. Finally, in Add Another Account screen, click Maybe Later

  7.  You should see your email now. 

I cannot receive a push message

You can enter a passcode to verify your identity for 2FA.

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