I have a project/organization account. How to setup 2FA for my colleagues/teammates?

I have a project/organization account. How to setup 2FA for my colleagues/teammates so they don't need to call me every time for access?



Applies to

Students and Staff



You may link multiple devices to the same project/organization account. The rest of this knowledge article outlines the necessary steps and tips for you to setup 2FA for your colleagues/teammates effortlessly.



  1. Understand the type of device (iOS/Android) your colleagues/teammates are using.
  2. Ask your colleagues/teammates to come to you, so that they could scan the QR code generated from your screen. If they are not in close proximity to you, ask them to be ready to receive an activation email.



  1. Open a new InPrivate (Edge) / Incognito (Chrome) / Private Window (Firefox/Safari) in your browser.
  2. Sign in Duo 2FA portal https://duo.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk.
  3. Enroll 2FA for your project/organization account for the first time. If you have already done so, skip to next step.
    Enrollment process for staff/student/project/organization accounts are the same. Refer to this knowledge article for details.  Upon successful registration, stay at My Settings & Devices screen.
  4. You will now begin to set up a new device for 2FA for your colleague/teammate. Go to My Settings & Devices screen and click +Add another device link.

  5. Select Tablet (even you are using a smartphone) and click Continue.

  6. Select your device type (iOS / Android) and click Continue.

  7. Make sure your colleague/teammate have Duo Mobile app installed, then click I have Duo Mobile Installed.

  8. If your colleague/teammate is around you, ask them to scan the QR code (shown in red arrow below), then skip to step (10).

  9. If your colleague/teammate is NOT around you, click Email me an activation link instead (shown in green arrow above). Enter his/her CUHK staff/student email address and click Send email.

    Ask your colleague/teammate to click on the emailed link and choose open the link in Duo Mobile app when prompted.  Once your colleague/teammate inform you that a new account was added in the Duo Mobile app, click Continue.

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT leave this screen until your colleague/teammate clicked the link. Otherwise you will need to start over again.

  10. Note that a tips 'JUST ADDED' is shown next to the newly added phone. The newly added phone will have a default name iOS or Android. To avoid confusion, rename it to something meaningful such as your colleague's/teammate's name.  To do so, click the Device Options button and then click Change Device Name.

  11. Repeat steps (4) - (10) to add other users.  Log out when done.


  1. Multiple accounts may be listed in your and your colleagues/teammates' mobile phones.  To avoid confusion, follow the instructions in https://help.duo.com/s/article/4430 to distinguish the newly added account (usually your project/organization accounts) and existing ones.
  2. Outlook may keep prompting for login ID / password for your project/organization account after Duo 2FA is enabled. In this case, simply go to Account Settings to remove the account from Outlook and add it back again.