Using CUHK Mobile App Store on iPhone

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Applies to

Staff and Students


Supported Platforms

iPhone (iPad users may browse but may not download the apps.)



You must enroll 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) before using this service.
Enroll to 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Register Your First Mobile Device



  1. Sign in CUHK Mobile App Store
  2. Download and install CUHK Mobile App on iOS device

A. Sign in CUHK Mobile App Store

  1.  Visit CUHK Mobile App Store website.
         瀏覽 CUHK Mobile App Store 網頁。

  2. Tap Sign in
        點擊 Sign in


  3. Input your University Email Address and OnePass password to sign in.
        輸入你的 大學電郵地址OnePass 密碼 登入。


  4. Once signed in, browse and download the apps you need.



B. Download and install App from CUHK Mobile App Store on iOS Device

  1.  After signing in to the CUHK Mobile App Store, tap on the download link for the app you want to install on your device.
         登入 CUHK Mobile App Store 後,點選你需要的 app 的下載鏈結。


  2. Tap Install to proceed
        點擊 安裝 繼續。


  3. Your iOS device may prompt an 'Untrusted Enterprise Developer' message first time opening the App. Tap Cancel.
        當完成安裝並首次打開應用程式時,會出現「不受信任的企業級開發者」信息。點擊 取消


  4.  Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management
         進入 設定 > 一般 > VPN 與裝置管理


  5. In ENTERPRISE APP, tap The Chinese University of Hong Kong
        在企業級 App,點選 The Chinese University of Hong Kong


  6. Tap Trust "The Chinese University of Hong Kong"
        點選 信任「The Chinese University of Hong Kong」


  7. Tap Trust again to confirm the action.  You can now open the downloaded app without issues. 
        再點選 信任。現在,你應可以成功開啟之前下載的應用程式。 



If you are setting up CUHK Mobile Pass, click here to go back to the original document.

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