"Fail to resolve server name" prompted when connecting to SSL VPN on Mac

Applies To

Students and Staff with Kaspersky Endpoint Security installed


Update macOS, Aruba VIA and Kaspersky Endpoint Security to their latest versions.  In this document, the tested versions are:

This is a known issue in earlier versions of macOS, Aruba VIA and Kaspersky.

How to check my macOS version?

Click Apple menu in the top left hand corner > About this Mac.

Refer to Apple's support document about how to update macOS to the latest version.

How to check my Aruba VIA version?

Click on the Aruba VIA icon on the status menu (i.e. top right hand corner of the screen), then select About.

If necessary, update the Aruba VIA app from App Store.

How to check my Kaspersky Endpoint Security version?

Launch Kaspersky Endpoint Security app.  Then from the menu bar, click Kaspersky Endpoint Security > About Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Download the latest version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security at ITSC website.

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