Cannot login SSL VPN - Always asked me to provide username and password / Error -8949

Cannot login SSL VPN - Waited for a long while after entering username and password, never get through but ask me to enter username and password again. Sometimes may see error -8949 appears as well.

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You may encounter this problem if you didn't respond to the DUO 2-factor authentication (2FA) prompt.  To verify user's identity, a push message will be sent to user's default (usually is the first registered) mobile device automatically before the VPN connection is established.  Simply respond to the 2FA prompt to approve access.

My default device is not on hand / I cannot receive a push message / Using a Hardware Token

In this case, you may generate a temporary passcode from Duo Mobile app / hardware token and append it with a comma (,) at the end of your OnePass password during sign-in. i.e.

<OnePass password>,<Temporary Passcode>

Steps to generate a temporary passcode and use it to sign in CUHK VPN:

  1. Open Duo Mobile app.  Tap Show on the right lower corner of your account.  You should see a six-digit temporary passcode displayed as shown in the example below.

    For hardware token user, get the six-digit temporary passcode from the token.

  2. Enter <OnePass password>,<temporary passcode> when prompted